Senior Center Events

Luau Luncheon
     Thursday, August 10
     11:30am to 1pm
     Tickets: $7  (On sale now.)

Seminar: Scam Prevention Tips For Seniors
  Thursday, August 24, 2017,
30pm. Sponsored by Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center, join    Fountain Valley Police Detective Henry Hsu as he leads a discussion about  current scams against older adults. You will learn tips on how to avoid being  scammed as well as what steps to take if you discover you or a loved one have  been scammed.
 To reserve your seat visit or call 1-800-MEMORIAL (1-800-636-6742)

An American in Paris
    Thursday, August 31, 2017
    Begins at 2pm
    Please call 714-593-4446 to reserve your spot!
Strategies for Successful Aging

    Honored Guest Speaker: Dr. Gary Small
     Monday, September 18, 2017
    9:30am to 11:30am (doors open at 9am)
    $35 per person
Western Luncheon
     Thursday, September 21
     11:30am to 1pm
     Tickets: $7  (On sale now.)

Fall Dance
       Friday, October 20
       7pm to 9:30pm
       Tickets: $7 (On sale September 8, 2017)
 Halloween Luncheon

     October 31, 2017
     11:30am to 1pm
     Tickets: $7  (On sale September 19, 2017)